Thank you for visiting of our booth with our latest Mercedes V class VIP (project Exclusive 2018) on Geneva International Motor Show (Hall 5, Stand #5041) and on Top Marques in Monaco.

    The secret of the popularity of our interior salons at Z'ART company, is that we work in close cooperation with our customers. With each new project completed, we expand the scope of our capabilities. Movement towards perfection is our primary goal. Perfection is a certain level of quality, which comes as a result of many years of research, implementation of outstanding technical achievements and continuous comprehensive improvement of the product or service. This approach allowed us to develop solutions that have taken a significant place in our industry.

    There are no boundaries for perfection, and our company never forgets this. We aspire to bring to perfection to every detail, and this makes our company a significant player in the market for the creation of business minivans.We would like to introduce our production program.


    Business Series

    Mercedes Benz Vito VIP Business by ZART

    The project of the Z'ART BUSINESS series is designed taking into account the strict requirements of big business. Mobile offices based on Mercedes-Benz V-class or Vito are an indispensable assistant for business. This respectable business design of the salon emphasizes your success and self-confidence. The variant with multi-functional chairs is a practical solution for daily trips and meetings with partners.


    Business+ Series

    Mercedes Benz V-class VIP Business by ZART

    Z'ART’s BUSINESS PLUS series presents - a spacious passenger cabin by installing compact folding armchairs near the soundproof partition. A refined style is achieved with a unique interior design, decorated in natural wood and detailed with a chrome finish. The functionality of the cabin is also designed for maximum comfort. It includes a powerful multi-channel speaker system, ergonomic seats with comfortable telescopic footrests, armrests with lifting lids and much more.


    Premium Series

    Mercedes Benz V-class VIP Business by ZART

    Projects of the Z'ART PREMIUM series are inspired by the designs of business jet salons. A well thought-out design, due to the deep study of each element, makes it possible to build an incredible number of options of interior layouts. The working surface is a large area which is perfectly suitable for discussion and the organization of comfortable and productive work.

    Geneva 2018 Edition

    Mercedes Benz V-class VIP Business by ZART

    The Z'ART Premium Geneva Edition is designed for customers who want to own a Mercedes-Benz V-class business minivan with a VIP lounge with the most advanced developments. The well-thought-out ergonomics of the Mercedes-Benz V-class business saloon from ZART, combined with the latest research in the field of design and comfort technologies, rightly described the completed project, as the best offer among such vehicles at the beginning of 2018.

    Extra comfortable armchairs with two automatic extended steps. Individual settings for each of the passengers: three-mode heating and ventilation, adjusting the tilt of the cushion, backrest with the possibility of adjusting the lumbar and shoulder stops. Due to its design it is both a study and a comfortable place for rest.

    Exclusive Series

    Mercedes Benz V-class VIP Business by ZART

    Projects Z'ART EXCLUSIVE series is designed for customers who are punctual and always ready. Are you ready to own  a business minivan Mercedes-Benz V-class with a VIP-lounge and with the most advanced developments? Thought-out ergonomics of the Mercedes-Benz V-class from Z'ART, in conjunction with, the latest developments in the field of design, and technology of comfort, can rightfully be called project Z'ART EXCLUSIVE, the best option among such vehicles.

    The passenger cabin is very practical. It is equipped with a bar, a coffee machine with a folding table, cup holders for glasses, bottles of water, an ashtray, a storage case for handles, a safe, and numerous open and closed niches. The seat settings, salon options and multimedia systems are very simple and understandable.

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